The G3 Client Dashboard is user-friendly, interactive tool that tracks and manages all of your mission-critical travel documents in one place.

With 24/7 access around the clock, G3's Client Dashboard puts the power of travel information at your fingertips: offering real-time visibility and status updates on all your vital documents.

When using the dashboard to review the status of a new application, you can quickly see if your travel documents have been approved and when you can expect to get your documents back. For existing passports and travel visas, G3's proactive alerts notify you well in advance of a document expiration date, which helps reduce costs and minimize risk associated with last-minute renewals. And with G3's Validity Identification, you can quickly see who is eligible to travel and where they can go.

Once your travel documents are complete, G3 securely uploads and store them into your client dashboard for future access when needed. Plus, you can add other travel-related assets as well: such as copies of a driver's license, personal photos, and other supporting documents. Best of all, you and your travelers will have added peace-of-mind, knowing you have back-up resources in the event of lost or stolen documents while traveling.

And unlike other travel vendors that may make you wait to access their reporting, G3 empowers you with the ability to run your own reports within the Client Dashboard - so you always have access to your data - when and where you need it.

With the G3 Client Dashboard, you have everything you need to keep your business moving forward:
24x7 Availability – (*Get information where and you need it)
Asset Status Tracking – (*Receive passport and visa status updates)
Document Management – (*Give travelers peace-of-mind)
Document alerts – (*Reduce costs and minimize travel risks)
Validity identification – (*Ensure travel eligibility)

At G3, we take the guesswork out of travel document management, so your business can stay in-the-know and on-the-go.

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